How to Stop Addiction | Mobile Addiction, Internet Addiction, Crime Petrol Addiction, Masturbation Addiction

how to stop Mobile Addiction & Internet Addiction

Overcoming addiction can be a difficult process but with the right support and guidance you can quit any addiction.
Do you find yourself continuously texting, checking your emails every 10 minutes, and playing online games, Depending on these situations it will delict that how much time you are spending on mobile usage. In one way or another many people are addicted to their mobile, which is ruining their relationships, and addiction to the mobile is going to harm their careers also.

How to control mobile addiction

Create the plan for the limitation in cell phone usage:-

Set some schedule or app that will give you an alert on how much time you have spent on your cell phone. for example, you set the time alert from 7 to 8 pm that there will not be any usage part in this time and also you will not use the cell phone during your work or school time.

Reward yourself for limiting the time on the mobile phone:-

How to control mobile addiction

This is the technique called positive behaviors in which you will reward yourself for limiting the time on mobile phone usage, often when you reach your goal you can treat yourself with a gift item, some favorite food

Turn off all your push notifications:-

When you turn off your push notification this is also one of the most important things to stop your addiction to the phone. When these pings are not notified you will not be distracted by the push notifications.

Keep of the habit of keeping mobile in your bag:-

This is also one of the most important parts which will also distract your phone usage, Whenever you are there in your office, keep your phone silent at least for half an hour, and after reaching home you can leave your phone in the bag.
Living in the 21st century you are mostly glued to the internet cellphone or on your laptops. You are checking your social media accounts, surfing games, and checking emails. If you come to know how to control your internet addiction you can discover the outside world and have real-world experience.

So let’s see how we can control our internet usage:-

Whenever you got notifications from any apps or any new update, switch off the notification option in the phone. Give only half an hour to the internet otherwise, you will never get off your eyes off the screen.

Email management:-

Many times you must have subscribed to emails from many websites so that you will get the latest notification from these news channels or any other website so unsubscribe from all these websites so that you will hardly go to these websites. Deactivate your Facebook account or any other account so that your mind is not distracted by these accounts.

Finding out new hobbies:-

You should keep in your mind that a mobile phone is only for communicating with friends or family and doing some work when you are not able to see that person. This means you should busy yourself with some activities like exercising at the gym or going for a walk. spending your time cooking, reading the book of your interest, playing the carom, or any other indoor games.

A person who has an irrepressible desire to watch porn at any time of day and at any time might have a porn addiction.

Here are some signs from which you can find out that you are addicted to porn :

You will find that it is impossible to stop porn watching when your desire to stop.
You mostly spent the time watching porn and neglecting the family relationship.
You find that you can enjoy sex without watching porn.
If you find that you are dealing with an addiction to porn then here are some tips through which you can quit the porn addiction:
You should understand that there is a conflict between you and your romantic spouse doesn’t want porn now so you have to quit this habit. So How to stop porn addiction

Get rid of the porn:

Please say no to all those porn-addicted websites and to that porn magazine.

Join some support groups:

Support group helps you that you are not alone in your journey for leaving this addiction to porn. There are some other people also who are facing similar experiences. These people help you to provide a safe zone where you can share your experiences while going through the addiction to porn.

Masturbation is a regular part of sex expression, you can say sometimes it is a practice for sex that does not cause any physical stress, but sometimes masturbation addiction can cause a serious problem if it is interfering negatively in your life. But a combination of some techniques can stop the addiction to masturbation.

control Masturbation Addiction

People who want to control or stop their masturbating habits should avoid porn movies images and videos.

Involve in some activities:

Involvement in some activities such as learning a new skill such as learning a new instrument and trying a new sport.Developing new activities that will focus their energy on another thing.


Exercise can be a way to lower tensions .activities such as swimming, running, and doing aerobics will focus more of your energy on these activities due to which your mind will release the endomorphic hormone which will give you the feeling of happiness.

Crime Patrol was an Indian television show that has shown real criminal cases, it included many cases including drug cases, but it must have shown only cases that were for purely entertainment purposes and does not provide any accurate representation of the cases.

Crime petrol Drug addiction a serious issue that has affected individuals in many countries and seriously it has to be stopped. It is a serious public health concern and drug addiction can be treated and prevented. Addiction to drugs include the symptoms include
Feeling that you have become a habit of taking drugs on a regular basis and you are not able to live without it

Taking a larger amount of drugs over some time than you needed.
Spending a lot of money even though you do not afford to pay for it.

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